We understand your drug and alcohol policy will depend on both your industry and your preferences. 

Some industries, especially those with safety sensitive functions. find themselves burdened with needing to comply with stringent regulations.  What about the rest of us? The good news is there are lots of options and ways to tailor your program to your needs.

We have experienced many different reasons for employers wanting to promote a drug free workplace. Some want to increase productivity, others aim to reduce risk and insurance premiums, some feel responsible for creating a wholesome environment.  

Here are a couple examples of how our we have tailored our services for various organizations:

Direct Notification of Employees -  Some employers have opted to outsource much of the HR function surrounding Drug and Alcohol testing to PROCOM. In some cases this includes us notifying employees for random testing and finding them a collection location nearest in proximity to their current location. We are engaged daily in conversations with HR teams to help determine paths forward out of tricky situations.

Legalization of Marijuana - In states where Marijuana has been legalized we have worked with employers to remove THC from their 'controlled substance' policy, often opting to test for only other drugs which are less socially acceptable. We can help build a defensible policy which reflects personal preferences.

Multiple classes of Employees - Many municipalities or other governmental entities have different departments which all roll up into a single contract. We offer the flexibility to administer their transit department testing differently from clerical employees. Some organizations have half a dozen different sub-categorizations to maximize their testing budget.

Whatever your motivation or need, PROCOM will spend time with you to design a policy which accomplishes your objectives. Read on to see how PROCOM can provide industry specific solutions.