Industry Specific Solutions

At PROCOM we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to safety and human resources, and that your drug testing program will be as diverse as the industry you represent. See below for some of our unique perspectives and solutions depending on which industry you work in. 




Nowadays, construction companies are popping up by the dozen. While towns are growing into cities and cities becoming metropolises the need for well trained and accountable employees is high. The rapidly growing amount of competition for valuable employees could tempt a owner to lowering their standards concerning testing and compliance policies. Instead of lowering standards, let PROCOM help you find the right balance through different testing and policy options. We understand that scheduling several crews or even one crew could become an overwhelming task very quickly. Any safety manager could attest that not only scheduling their workers for testing but confirming reliable transportation can be tricky. PROCOM has the ability to host collections on-site, with testing completed with rapid quick-tests before the work day begins, or we have the option to do collections on site with lab results with as quick as the next business day. Random selections can also be selected by PROCOM to dissolve any perception of bias.

PROCOM offers help in panel selection suited for your drug testing policy, to include: hair testing; oral swab testing; urine collection and breath alcohol testing. We can help you with reducing workers compensation claims by ensuring that testing is done by the book and per your state workers compensation code. If done appropriately this can be a substantial savings. If there are rural job sites PROCOM will accommodate by providing mobile services so that testing can be taken care of on-site or as close as possible by utilizing our network of over 4500 collection sites nationwide. Our leadership staff also has the ability to teach your managers how to collect specimens and the procedures that follow to get accurate results.

There are different tiers for DOT regulated employees, laborers and office workers. PROCOM can design a policy that is tailored to the different level of safety sensitive functions. PROCOM can also work with you to build a rehabilitation policy that allows for workers to get back to work sober after a positive result. There are many options for an employer to choose from in regards to testing and compliance policies. PROCOM can help you with making the tough key decisions to create and employ these policies with everyone within your jobs process.

Public Sector


PROCOM is currently working with hundreds of State, county, city, and school district entities. We know how to support both DOT and Non-DOT testing programs, and how to build a policy around either. Whether a probation officer for the local county jail or a school bus driver PROCOM can help establish testing solutions. We can help with your policy development to adequately cover the different types of employees.  

One of the cornerstones of our business is the services we provide, one of those services is having the capability to come onsite to educate employees on drug and alcohol testing and train supervisors. We realize that most public entities have limited budgeting, which is why PROCOM offers discounted pricing structures to public entities. Although employees might reside or work in different parts of the geography, we will accommodate convenient testing as we have multiple collection sites available for the employee’s convenience. Online test scheduling and ‘Electronic CCF’ is available in most areas. Not only will we help you with testing needs, we also will maintain a backup of records of ALL testing so that your office will have a backup if needed. Now in 20 years working with public entities we know that those employers are audited frequently, which is why PROCOM will provide full audit support. Audit support is included in our services free of charge! If you would like to know more information regarding compliance testing and policies reach out to PROCOM.



PROCOM services some of the nation's largest carrier fleets with a full suite of services created specifically for them. These services include us taking on roles as involved as directly notifying drivers of their testing obligations while they are over-the-road. Thousands of DOT regulated companies trust us to provide consortium and TPA services for them. How do we keep up with such a list? PROCOM has established a network of over 4,500 collection site across the US, including the most rural of areas, to ensure that we have the best collection solutions available.

PROCOM is well versed in both FMCSA and FTA rules such that we can ensure everything will be done by the book. This means that all testing, reporting and files will be completed in compliance with DOT requirements. For the FTA we can help assess the distribution of dates and times of testing needs. We can ensure for FMCSA the cumbersome post-accident process is adhered to, including after hours, regardless of where your driver is located. Online test scheduling and ‘electronics CCF’ is available in most areas. Your driver’s have enough forms to keep a hold of as it is, so we strive to help alleviate their need to remember their drug testing forms.  

We like to stay in touch with our client’s needs and difficulties. We have invested in becoming active members of the CMCA - Colorado Motor Carriers Association to offer support for the organization but to also keep an open ear to the advancing industry of motor carrier laws, needs, and updates. PROCOM is knowledgeable and has helped hundreds of clients through DOT audits so we can educate you on the processes and what to expect. We will keep backup records of all DOT related testing that will be accessible should your records be missing stats, tests, etc. Don’t allow your drivers to be on the road without full support from you and PROCOM.



PROCOM has a wide array of clients, ranging from private medical practices and hospitals to home care agencies to provide effective and meaningful employer drug testing solutions. Most healthcare providers can collect their own tests, but there is often a sensitivity around keeping the testing and results within their internal files where they could be viewed by co-workers. We realize that healthcare-related services companies and their employees have unique needs, such as greater access to a wider variety of medications. We also know that healthcare has one of the highest rates of substance abuse. PROCOM has testing panels specifically designed for those workers who have access to controlled substances - ambulance drivers, EMTs, pharmacists, physicians and RN’s to name only a few.

PROCOM can generate random selections to eliminate a perception of bias within the organizational structure. We have the experience to work with your own occupational medicine and urgent care clinics to provide an external network for your testing needs. Not only will PROCOM help establish testing/collection sites offsite from your clinics for your employees, but will aid with policy and program development to fit the needs of your organization and your employees.

We offer a wide array of services, but if needed can offer MRO services to allow the administration of testing yourself, but with the backup help of an expert when positive results are reported. We want to make sure your organization is compliant per your policy, and will work to ensure you’re confident when called upon for auditing. Does your organization need help testing solutions? Let PROCOM help you help your program.

Manufacturing & Distribution

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For decades PROCOM has partnered extensively with large and small manufacturing and distribution providers across the country to foster a safe, productive, and efficient work environment through quality employee drug screening and testing programs. We understand there may be multiple classes of employees based off of job descriptions. Office administration employees may adhere to different testing needs than that of warehouse or floor workers, or those who handle the equipment or drive to deliver goods rendered. PROCOM can help design an appropriate drug and alcohol program for each of those classes of employees.

We can provide onsite services with collection for hair testing, oral swab testing, urine collection and breath alcohol testing. PROCOM offers both instant and lab based testing for results. If scheduling your team for onsite visits is difficult we can train your managers to collect the specimens, and then we take it from there. Specimens can be used to screen for intoxication before work begins for the day. PROCOM is well versed in DOT audit support and will walk you through the process and expectations if needed. We offer this at no extra charge to our clients.

PROCOM recognizes some manufacturers and distributors keep their plants running 24/7 which is why we also offer 24-hour on call testing services. We have multiple collection sites available in most areas for the convenience of your employees. If you’re needing random selections we can offer a random pick service to help eliminate any suspicion of bias. If you’re wanting to secure your policies in compliance and drug/alcohol testing contact PROCOM.

Oil & Gas


Oil and Gas is a model industry when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. In many ways the industry is 'self regulated' without federal oversight. This also means that the regulations are not standardized.

PROCOM can tailor an expanded drug panel to meet the specifications of the jobsite your company is working on. We work with all of the jobsite auditor companies (NCMS and TEAM Alert) and provide all of the data entry service and account administration required to stay in compliance. Over 20 years of experience working with various oil and gas companies we have not seen a client deemed ‘non-compliant’ for a jobsite.

PROCOM offers onsite testing options and can assist in arranging those collections to minimize the disruption to business operations. We are versed in both Non-DOT and DOT regulations and requirements. We understand that many employees may need to take multiple tests. PROCOM helps mitigate the stress of hundreds of employees testing requirements by segmenting your workforce by each jobsite and keeping track of employees all over the country. We provide this service on top of providing all of the statistical reporting and analysis you may require. Acknowledging that oil and gas companies can have multiple job sites in varied areas around the country at the same time, we offer a well established network of over 4,500 collection sites in the areas most frequented by your employees. We want to make sure your workers are safe, productive and compliant with your testing requirements. Call PROCOM for more information.