PROCOM started providing collection and TPA services in Pueblo, Colorado over 20 years ago and have developed strong partnerships with leaders across the drug and alcohol testing industry. These partnerships now form a network that spans nationally, enabling PROCOM to provide our clients with options for where they want to test and what they want to test for - with a national scope. PROCOM's network has grown to include over 4,500 collection sites within the US and Canada. We have achieved the ability to provide collection services in even the most rural areas within all 50 states.

Our preferred partners in business include nationally recognized laboratories and organizations. We also make a concerted effort to stay engaged with the industry and ensure our team receives consistent training by the best in the business.


Alere Toxicology Services, Part of Abbott

Alere Toxicology is our preferred occupational testing partner for all Pre-Employment, Random, Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Return to Duty, and Follow Up testing. Alere Toxicology is a global leader and operates one of the few SAMHSA certified laboratories in the country. They provide exceptional support and innovative solutions; we here at PROCOM are confident in Alere to provide very quick and accurate results, which allows us to better service our clients with 24 hour turnaround time* reporting. Alere testing supplies can be ordered through PROCOM.

*Results can take longer than 24 hours in instances of additional screening required


Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Part of Abbott

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory is the government toxicology services division of Abbott. PROCOM partners with Redwood to serve public entities across the United States. Redwoods experience in working with high volume testing requirements puts them atop the competition for many of the state/county/municipalities we serve. PROCOM appreciates Redwood for their top notch lab professionals and prompt result processing.



Omega Laboratories is an independent lab best known for having a state-of-the-art specimen testing facility for alternative specimens. Omega specializes in hair drug testing with FDA-cleared screening tests. All hair samples collected by PROCOM are tested through Omega Laboratories. Omega continue to innovate and provide new hair testing options suitable for any need.



PROCOM relies upon Lifeloc for any BAT (Blood Alcohol Testing) equipment and education. Equipped with Lifeloc Portable Breath Alcohol Testers we know how to not only conduct a test and properly report results, but are certified to calibrate testing apparatuses and educate other staff on testing processes. PROCOM’s select staff has retained certifications in C-LOCT Instructor and BAT instructor maintained through Lifeloc.



PROCOM depends on DATIA - the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association for updates on alcohol and drug testing regulations, industry trends and education aspects. PROCOM staff attend the national conference and numerous training and knowledge seminars and webinars.