PROCOM provides expert drug testing and compliance support to companies across the nation.  20+ years of experience has taught us two things - every customer's needs are different, and service excellence matters.

We strive to help you create a drug and alcohol compliance program that works best for you.  We serve a diverse set of regulated and non-regulated clients across multiple industries, including construction, transportation, retail, agriculture, energy, education, and municipal services.  Our clients range from single owner operators, to public and private organizations, to growing companies with thousands of employees. 

At PROCOM, we pride ourselves in our professionalism, responsiveness, and enthusiasm. No matter the issue, our goal is to leave you feeling informed, empowered and with a smile on your face.


Expertise in Highly Regulated Industries

Let our decades of experience help your substance abuse program navigate complex regulatory requirements.

Commitment to Service Excellence


In an ever changing world of human resources, one constant will be our level of service.

National Network for Multi-site Companies


Over the last 20 years we have built a national network of quality collection facilities, allowing you to test anywhere your employees are located.

Flexibility to Adapt to YOUR Needs


Our roots as a small, service-oriented business have taught us there is no good one-size-fits all solution. We will work with you to build a custom substance abuse program.