Our story - the American Dream

PROCOM started out in the late nineties as a subsidiary of 'Clinical Laboratory of the Black Hills' - a laboratory located in South Dakota. The office in Pueblo opened in 2002 and was managed by Ann Peterson. In 2004 Ann and her husband, Payson, were offered the opportunity to purchase the Colorado operations from the lab and they jumped at the opportunity.

The company was renamed 'Professional Compliance and Testing' - or PROCOM for short - and under their guidance grew substantially over the next 10+ years. Good old fashioned hard work and entrepreneurship grew the small firm into a force on both the Colorado and national scene. Their success has been attributed to fabulous customer service and Ann's dedication to knowing the regulations backwards and forwards. Another key part of the puzzle, the 'in house' Medical Review Officer, Dr. Thomas Johnson, has been exclusively serving PROCOM clients since 2005. All in, the team today boasts over 30 years of combined industry experience!

Today, the company continues to thrive and has clients located in most states and industries. With our growth this has meant lots of new voices around the office to welcome you when you call!