Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PROCOM is privileged to provide services to employers both large and small, public entities, and individuals. Please see below for some common questions we get from each group - and, of course, the answers! Should you have a question that you do not see below, don't hesitate to Contact Us.


+ What Kind of Testing Can PROCOM Do?

PROCOM is able to test for almost all controlled substances in urine, hair, and oral fluid specimens. We do so for all types of workplace testing (pre employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and return to duty/follow up) and in most cities across the United States.

+ What if my employee is in a different location?

PROCOM has an affiliate network of over 2,500 collection locations across the nation which will enable your employee to get tested. If you contact PROCOM we will be happy to set up a one-time test or establish a multi-use protocol with those facilities on your behalf.

+ Do you offer onsite and after hours testing?

A PROCOM team member is available 24/7/365 for testing assistance. If you call our main line: (719)-295-1911 and we do not answer, you will be directed to call our after hours phone. We are happy to come to you or open our office to assist. We also offer scheduled onsite services at all hours of the day and are able to accommodate your schedule.

+ When are my drug testing results available?

We strive to have results back in the hands of the employer by the end of the day after the test takes place. There are some circumstances which result in a longer turnaround time: results requiring confirmatory testing, results requiring MRO review, and for rural areas who may not have daily courier services. We keep track of where every test is in the process and proactively reach out if we know it is going to be delayed. If you are concerned about a result don't hesitate to call us and ask when you can expect it.

+ How do you pick for random tests? Can I just pick my own Randoms?

We pick random selections utilizing a software algorithm which is truly random. This means that there is no consideration given to previous picks. Because of this, an employee may go years without selection and then be selected several times in a row - it really is the luck of the draw. We always discourage employers from picking their own Randoms. Even if you have a sound process for doing so, there is always the risk of perceived bias on behalf of your employee. If we do the pick you can always blame the selection on us!

+ Do you work with substance abuse professionals?

We recognize that drug testing is only one small part of the puzzle when it comes to substance abuse in the workplace. We have several outstanding Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) who we have worked with over the years and have trust in their practices. We can also provide qualified referrals nationally should you need a SAP close to your location.


+ What is a Consortium?

A consortium is a grouping of employees from different companies to create a single, larger pool. From that pool the consortium administrator then selects a certain percentage of random drug/alcohol tests to comply with certain requirements. Employees are not removed once they have been selected, so it is possible for each individual to be selected multiple times, or not at all.

+ What files do I need as an Owner Operator?

Owner Operators need to comply with almost all the DOT rules that larger companies do. Please see our section titled 'Starting a Drug and Alcohol Program' for detailed record keeping requirements. PROCOM will also retain records on your behalf to assist in the event of an audit.

+ Do I need a pre employment test as an Owner Operator?

Yes, you must have a negative DOT Pre-Employment test in the 30 days prior to joining the consortium. If you are a new driver or have been out of a consortium for longer than 30 days, you will need a DOT Pre Employment Drug test before you can be enrolled.

+ Do I need reasonable suspicion training as an Owner Operator?

No. If you only have one driver in your company you are not required to have reasonable suspicion training. If you hire another driver, however, the company must designate a manager to be trained in reasonable suspicion.

+ If I'm on the road can PROCOM still schedule me for a test?

Yes, if you call our office (719)295-1911 we can help you arrange a test wherever you are heading.

+ How does random testing work as an owner operator?

Owner operators are enrolled in a consortium of other DOT regulated companies and their employee lists are pooled together. When an owner operator is selected for a random test, we notify them or their Designated Employee Representative (often a spouse or partner), and they head to their local collection site to have the required testing completed.


+ Do I have to make an appointment, or can I walk in?

Our collection site in Pueblo, CO is a 'Walk-in' facility. No appointments required.

+ Can the court access my results?

We ask donors to sign a release for their results. If you authorize us to send the results to a court system or other entity we will do so when they are available.

+ Am I notified of the results before my employer?

PROCOM gives a courtesy call to donors who have tested positive. Our next call is to inform the employer.

+ How long does a drug test take?

The average Urine Drug Screen (UDS) takes between 5-10 minutes to complete the paperwork and collect the specimen. However, if you are unable to provide a sufficient amount of urine in your first attempt, we will provide you with some water and you must wait at the office until you provide the sample. This can take up to 3 hours, so be sure you are ready to provide a sample when you arrive!

+ How do I get to see my results?

We can report out verbally, send results via email, or mail a letter to the destination of your choosing.

+ What is a refusal to test?

A refusal to test is generally one of three things: (1) Not showing up for a test within your allotted time (2) Trying to 'beat the test' or (3) Not following the instructions of the drug screen collector. A refusal to test is generally interpreted by employers as a worse outcome than testing positive and may have more strict consequences.

+ What is included in a 5 panel drug test? What is included in a 10 panel drug test?

A 5 panel drug test screens for the following drugs: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, and PCP. A 10 panel drug test screens for these additional substances: Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Propoxyphene, Methadone and Methaqualone. Other common substances tested are Alcohol (Breath Alcohol or Urine Alcohol), Synthetic Opioids, and Synthetic Cannabinoids.

+ Do you test for marijuana?

Yes. Although Marijuana is legal for those of age in Colorado, many employers prohibit its use as part of their drug free workplace policy. Generally speaking, employers do not allow for Medical Marijuana as an excuse for testing positive.

+ If I use CBD products (Oils, lotions, etc.) will I test positive for Marijuana?

Probably Not. We only test for the metabolite of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana) and there are many CBD products claiming to be 'THC Free'. Those products should not result in a positive drug screen if they truly did not contain any THC. Utilize at your own risk as CBD will not be accepted as an excuse for testing positive.