PROCOM specializes in working with companies who operate multiple offices or terminals across the United States.  Consolidating your drug testing under the PROCOM umbrella saves staff time and your company money.

With PROCOM’s help your company can have many offices but need only one point of contact for all drug testing and related needs. Allow our staff to perform all the legwork and follow up on your drug testing program, so your people can move on to other important tasks.

PROCOM can make all arrangements to organize your DOT and Non-DOT drug testing no matter where your offices are located.  We network with thousands of clinics across the United States and Canada to ease the burden and heighten the convenience in completing any required testing.  Simply call PROCOM with the desired city and state and we perform all the setup to schedule your employee.

Located in a remote area?
No problem, PROCOM has had great success seeking out collection facilities to make testing as convenient as possible, and with minimum drive time for your employee(s).