Full Suite of Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing                                                                                                            PROCOM offers all drug testing services required to implement a successful drug and alcohol testing program, including Pre-employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion/For cause, Post Accident, and Follow-up / Return to Duty testing. We utilize all the screening samples - urine, saliva, breath alcohol, hair - and can partner with you do determine when it makes sense to use which test.

Third Party Administration
PROCOM can administer your company’s random testing program. You can elect to participate in one of our existing standardized consortiums, or PROCOM can create a pool that fits the individual needs of your company - even if multiple locations or departments are involved. We are committed to ensuring your program is accurate and up to date, providing frequent documentation and friendly reminders to keep you compliant.

DOT Support and Consultation
Our expertise in drug testing and DOT regulations can be an invaluable asset to you and your business. PROCOM stays on top of changes in the regulations and notifies all clients to alert them when necessary. The PROCOM staff is available at any time to assist you with issues and questions that arise. We are active members of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA).

Policy Development
PROCOM can provide a complete DOT compliant policy to all clients who enroll into our random program.  If you are not regulated by the DOT, we can tailor one to your specific needs. We can guide your company regarding policy issues to ensure that you enforce your policy fairly and legally to all employees. Instant support and consultation is always available to you regarding the tough issues that can arise. 

MRO Services
PROCOM’s in-house Medical Review Officer allows for a faster turn around time on reporting test results. Negative test results are normally reported within 24 hours or less. Positives can also be processed in a more timely fashion when the MRO is in-house. Our doctor is available and accessible to PROCOM clients for one on one consultation when needed.

Supervisory and Driver Education                                                                                                                                   PROCOM offers training for employees, supervisors, HR teams, and collectors. Whether the training be online, in a small group setting, or in a filled auditorium, we have the referrals and presenters to accommodate your group. Often times our training results in substantial savings on drug testing expenses.