PROCOM recognizes that there are many dimensions to a successful controlled substances program - and education of both supervisors and employees is an essential component. We have several in-house trainers in Colorado, multiple online resources, and a network of qualified resources across the USA. See below for some of the course offerings we provide regularly.

Employee Drug and Alcohol Education

All employees deserve to know what standards they will be held to when it comes to drug and alcohol testing, as well as what resources are at their disposal should they have a problem. In fact, the DOT requires that all regulated employees receive education. Typically, it comes in a pamphlet form such as HERE. That might ‘check the box’ but we feel that in-person education is the foundation for a safe workplace and thus offer onsite training to companies and public entities within our geography. Contact us today if you would like to have us come one site and lead a discussion around drug and alcohol abuse in your workplace.

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Every organization, whether regulated by the DOT or not, should have supervisors who are able to appropriately and effectively identify possible substance abuse on the job.

Employee drug and alcohol testing cannot be performed based on a mere hunch. Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training delivers the necessary tools and skills to recognize and appropriately handle employees exhibiting signs of substance abuse. This gives you the tools to confront, document, and act upon suspicions of impairment on the job site.

The course content meets DOT mandated 60/60 49 CFR Part 40 requirements and include the DOT's rule change that took effect January 1, 2018. The course exceeds any requirements for the FAA, FMCSA, FTA, PHMSA, and USCG. It is also widely used by non-mandated employers.

This training is offered in-person and take approximately 2.5 hours, depending on engagement and questions from the audience. We offer this service to our clients all across the state of Colorado, as well as routinely in our location in Southern Colorado.

DOT Urine Drug Screen Collector Training

A drug collector is a person who instructs and assists donors at a collection site, who receives and makes an initial inspection of the specimen provided by those donors, and who initiates and distributes the Chain of Custody Form. The drug collector has direct, face to face contact with the donor. Without the collector ensuring the integrity of the urine specimen and collection process, the test itself may lose credibility.

Under the US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, an individual performing urine drug collection must receive qualification training. Our in-person collector training satisfies the requirements for qualification training as outlined in Federal Regulations, 49 CFR Part 40 and include the DOT's rule change that took effect January 1, 2018. The course is a full day and is very hands-on with a minimum of 5 error free collections.

As a Third Party Administrator we often assist in training personnel at the collection sites we use. Furthermore, we have many clients who have decided that they wish to have their own in-house collectors. This saves money on collection site expenses and adds convenience - especially in rural areas or for shifts with odd hours. We offer routine training for collectors at our office in Pueblo, Colorado and can also come to your location.